How to play SOMEONE YOU LOVED (by Lewis Capaldi) on guitar – tabs, fingerstyle, chords, strumming, arpeggios

Lesson Part 1

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Lesson Part 2

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“SOMEONE YOU LOVED”(by Lewis Capaldi) It’s one of the best songs written in the last few years. This song is been originally arranged for piano but in this guitar lesson, I have made an easy arrangement for guitar. I will show step-by-step all the guitar chords, guitar arpeggios, strumming patterns you need to play this song. My aim was to make this “SOMEONE YOU LOVED” guitar tutorial as easy as possible. At the bottom of the video, you have the chords shape and guitar tabs.

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Someone You Loved Arrangement

Someone You Loved Guitar Chords:

A CAPO needs to be placed on the FIRST FRET

C Major (A shape)

G Major (E shape)

Am (Em shape)

F Major (E shape)

C Major

C Major chord, this image shows how to play C Major chord

G Major

G Major chord, this image shows how to play G Major chord


A minor chord, Am this image shows how to play A minor chord


Someone You Loved Guitar Intro:

A CAPO needs to be placed on the FIRST FRET

To check how this section and the rest of the song sounds like watch the video at the top of this post or hit the following link SOMEONE YOU LOVED Guitar Lesson – How to play SOMEONE YOU LOVED on guitar

Someone You Loved Guitar Verse:

Someone You Loved Guitar Chorus:

Someone You Loved Guitar Chorus (variation):

Someone You Loved Guitar Bridge:

Someone You Loved Guitar “The Peace” after the bridge:

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