Guitar Lessons
In Putney

Well planned and structured guitar lessons in a stress free and fully equipped studio in the heart of Putney. Just a few minutes walk from East Putney underground station.

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Whether you're a rock star in the making or simply wish to learn your favourite tunes and play with friends and family, the ability to play guitar is the best feeling in the world. Unfortunately, many people give up too quickly because they're overwhelmed by a sea of random YouTube video or a local teacher that they're having trouble keeping up with.

Here at guitar lessons London UK we've broken down topics into easy step by step lessons. Forget boring music theory and repetitive exercise. With our system, beginner guitar players start playing songs right away to master the fundamentals.

All the theory and techniques will be put into practice with the use of known songs. This will make the learning process much easier and fun. While you are learning the theory and techniques you are at the same time learning new songs expanding your repertoire.

If you ever get stuck, We will be right next to you ready to help you out whenever you need it. Over the years we have tweaked our teaching process with an absolute goal in mind. Make your learning journey easy, fast and fun.

The guitar lessons are taking place in our studio in Putney. Just a few minutes walk from East Putney Underground Station. The studio is equipped with a wide range of guitars, valve and transistor amplifiers, tons of pedals, analog and digital effects and guitar softwares.

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What will you learn from the guitar lessons?

Some of the topics covered in the Lessons are:


  • How to properly tune up your guitar
  • The 7 notes
  • The note’s value
  • How to read tabs
  • Major and minor chords
  • Easy songs
  • CAGED system
  • How to play bar chords with ease
  • Basic strumming patterns
  • Introduction to Blues
  • Introduction To Rock


  • Bending, slide, tremolo, hammer-on and pull-off techniques
  • More articulated chords (7th, 9th, 13th, Sus2 and 4 etc.)
  • How to mute the strings
  • Major and minor scales
  • Major and minor Pentatonic scales
  • More complex strumming patterns
  • Playing with a pick versus playing with fingers
  • How to practice with a metronome
  • Introduction to improvisation


  • Modal scales
  • How to make the best out of your equipment.
  • How to give more dynamic to your playing.
  • Study and Execution of Advanced
  • Legato, hybrid picking, Tapping and sweep picking techniques
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Didactic Material

You will always have the didactic material printed and access to backing tracks. And on request, you can also access the PDF file and a video of the notation. Also with a small fee, you can also have the multicamera lesson recorded for you.

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Putney Studio Gallery

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6 Reasons To Choose Us

Clear structured lessons and path

A clear lesson plan

Easy step by step instructions. Each week builds on the past week

We believe that Patience is definitely a key factor as not everyone learns and picks up at the same pace

Real live music experience learned along the way between the stage and the studio to share with you

100% stress free and extremely enjoyable guitar lessons

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