BOSS 200 series

With the 200 series, BOSS introduces a new generation of pedals with advanced sound, versatility while taking less space in your pedalboard compared to the 20 series. The four 200-series models offer superior sound with 32-bit AD / DA conversion, 32-bit internal processing and 96 kHz sampling rate, along with additional control support via external foot switches, a pedal expression or via MIDI.

Intuitive controls and multi-function foot switches make operation fast and immediate, while the internal memories allow the user to save different setups that can be instantly recalled.


The DD-200 Digital Delay combines sounds inherited from the flagship DD-500 in an even more compact format. Twelve modes offer a variety of delays, from modern digital to classic analogue, creating from the simplest echo to rich “ambient” pads with every intermediate nuance. There is also an independent looper ready for use, as well as a selectable carryover function for perfect transitions between memories.


The EQ-200 Graphic Equalizer allows you to change the tone of the guitar, bass and other instruments with maximum precision, offering two channels of 10-band equalization and a graphic display that shows the current EQ curve at a glance. The channels can be configured for stereo operation, in parallel or in series, and it is possible to connect external pedals and select the equalization upstream or downstream of the other effects. The central frequency of all 10 bands can be set to three different types, so as to optimize performance for different applications.


The MD-200 Modulation offers a wide selection of high-class modulation effects in a small and practical pedal. There are 12 modes to choose from, with direct access from the panel to rate, depth and level, as well as three parameters optimized for each mode. Using the versatile Insert function, it is possible to connect distortions and other effects to the pedal and select whether modulation is applied before or after the other effects.


The OD-200 Hybrid Drive creates overdrive and distortion with superior sound, feel and flexibility. Combining the decades-long expertise of BOSS in sound with innovative technologies, the OD-200 offers 12 exclusive modes, analog / digital hybrid circuitry, three-band EQ, and powerful pre & post boost for even more detailed gain. There is also an advanced gate circuit, ideal for cutting noise and for adding speed and aggressiveness to high-gain sounds. Equipped with MIDI input and output on mini TRS sockets, the 200 series pedals support the most advanced control, saving space in the pedalboard. The optional BMIDI-5-35 1 m / 5 ft cable with a 3.5 mm TRS right-angle connector at one end and a standard 5-pin male MIDI connector at the other, it allows users to connect every pedal of the 200 series to all MIDI devices.